Frustration: A Powerful Tool for Change
Published October 10, 2019 by Devaney Rae

It’s generally true with most Life Changes that there are some super-charged frustrating challenges involved.

After all, if change were easy everyone would do it, right?

And frustrations are very likely to appear in different forms. Some are just agitating; others are maddening; while a few really do behave as giant bolders blocking all entrances to peace!

Here’s another truth: it’s downright frustrating when we think of the challenges that seem to literally keep us stuck! Even when we decide to make the Life Changes needed, there are the challenges of financial limitations, relationship issues, and various commitments that SEEM to keep us stuck.

Hey, I promise that it is NOT those exact things that keep us stuck.

Rather, it is what goes on between our ears ABOUT those things – that is what ultimately holds us hostage to the failing familiar.

Altogether, there are a lot of strong will and stuck mindsets that work to keep us in the stuck places.

For most of us, leaving the familiar is a fearful thing (even when we know that the familiar is failing to fulfill our life purpose and dreams).

But, really, in spite of all of the adult realities of life: ALL change begins with the first step. And sometimes that first step must occur between our ears.

Digging Out of the Failing Familiar Places

Remember, the first step may not even look like it goes in the direction of chasing our dreams. That’s okay.

It could be that the first step involves digging out of the failing familiar place of old comfort zones.

You know, those places where we are so familiar with people, tasks, interactions, and outcomes that we live on auto-pilot with no mental challenges required.

All the while, we are miserable on the inside. Focusing on “the getting started place” is the Solution direction!

Rest Within a Plan

It really helps to confidently take the second and third and every other step if we create a plan. I like to call this little plan, “My Life Change plan.”

But, this neat little title doesn’t mean that the plan is all typed out and fancy. It could be some bullet-points on a sticky note. Nevertheless, it guides our thoughts and actions. And, it serves as encouragement when we get discouraged along the way.

And, did you know that it is a Life Principle of Truth that there is rest within a plan.

Yes, there is. Let’s talk about that another time.

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I believe in you. I believe you can. In fact, I know you can.

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