Addiction (A Brain Disorder) Interferes with Performance & Purpose Fulfillment
Published January 28, 2020 by Devaney Rae

Do you deal with addiction of any kind? Or, do you deal with the impacts of addiction in someone you lead or love, or both?

If you do, you know the daily struggle, especially when you see social media posts, articles, and messages like the ones I make! Positive, life-giving, and purpose-filled.

I can relate.

In one-on-one professional coaching, I get to share time with others who are dealing with many dynamics that interfere with goals and purpose, not the least of these include the impacts of addictions. I seek to help by providing support and connections for solution planning because:

Support = More Than One Effort/ Action.

Addictions interfere with our ability to Live Life on Purpose!

Oh, yes, I completely realize this truth. I’ve experienced the impacts of addiction in my own life relationships. I know. It truly messes with the ability to live on purpose because there are so many behaviors and factors we cannot control.

But what if the power of new scientific findings provides a real Turning Point Kind of Hope?

Take a quick minute to read the latest scientific research article (link in the References below). The latest research doesn’t magically ‘fix’ addiction, but it brings a light of hope that speaks into the real darkness and hopelessness many feel about addiction (both the addicted person and those who love him/ her).

If you’d like 2020 to look, feel, and interact differently than whatever previous years have been – reach out. Let’s talk and share life experiences and the possibilities for solution approaches.

One approach to addiction solution is addressing health and wellness, specifically gut health.

Gut Health science connects the Gut Brain Axis, which is powerful in connecting with this addiction brain disorder science. For sure, it is not the ONLY piece of a solution plan. But, the medical science behind the Gut Brain Axis connection and support is powerful toward being a part of the overall solution plan.

Here’s the Deal:

Addiction solution IS a part of the overall plan to get our Life On Purpose in motion.

Comment below, “Me!” if you’d like to talk about Life on Purpose for you or a loved one; or message me on LinkedIn private messaging; or email me @

There is no shame in cancer, diabetes, heart disease, or brain disorder addiction.

Rather, there is life-giving power in working toward an overall Life On Purpose plan that includes the latest medical science of addiction management.

Let’s connect. One-on-One professional coaching is a wonderful way to combine life planning and life purpose in a personal way that supports ideal connections for a solution plan. (A link to Devaney Rae’s Health & Wellness Coaching Plan information is provided in the References below).

For Sure: We are better together!


Addiction: A Brain Disorder reference article

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