The Collective Sorrow of 2020, Q1

The collective sorrow of 2020, Q1 is truly palpable across the media pages and the miles of our lives. If you and your team are feeling the impacts of uncertainty for today and the unknowns for the future, it's okay! The experience with the COVID-19 pandemic is a...

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Think on These Things

Oh, the power of the human mind to self-direct its path in life! When we read on the subject of the human mind, we can readily learn that our thought lives offer each of us so much power. Oh, to be effective in managing the vast array of thoughts that march through...

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Frustration: A Powerful Tool for Change

It's generally true with most Life Changes that there are some super-charged frustrating challenges involved. After all, if change were easy everyone would do it, right? And frustrations are very likely to appear in different forms. Some are just agitating; others are...

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