Devaney Rae Jones, Certified Sales & Leadership Coach, offers one-on-one Life Coaching aimed at partnering with individuals who know they are MADE FOR MORE, especially in reaching the outcomes in life they really want to achieve!

Professional Coaching is for EVERYONE! Yes, everyone needs a coach, but not everyone is willing to step into the process of achieving HUGE LIFE RESULTS as an amazing outcomefrom a Professional Coaching journey.

Consider This:

Every professional athlete has a coach. Why? Does Tiger Woods NEED a coach to teach him how to play golf? (Insert Eye Roll and emphatic, “No!” response) The reason he has a coach is TWO ARE BETTER THAN ONE in strategizing, creating the correct mindset, breaking belief barriers, and continuing to learn and grow in the best practices of whatever outcomes he wants in his chosen pursuit.

This Coaching Fact and Truth can be applied to every single person who wants to pursue goals, chase dreams, and enjoy outcomes! The truth is that sometimes we simply are alone and we don’t always know WHAT TO DO within a strategy to get to the Victory Line.

Individual Coaching Packages are aimed at impacting the outcomes you are seeking in
Living YOUR Life On Purpose.


Clear Your Path Coaching

When you need direction on identifying what direction you want to focus on and where your true life purpose, desires, and dreams are leading you. This is a great place to begin if you feel stuck or if you have a lot of doubts about what to do to find fulfillment.


Drive Your Path Coaching

When you know what you really want to do and you need to ensure you have the correct strategy plan to get you from where you are now to where you want to be. This includes ensuring you are on the correct path and you are doing the correct activities for the outcomes you are seeking. 


Direct Your Dreams to Victory Coaching

When you are on your Dream Path already having successful outcomes and you know there is still MORE. There are more victories to be had. There are more sales to be made. There is a higher place you know you can attain to increase your fulfillment, joy, and successes.


Harness Your Health & Wellness Coaching

When you are experiencing health challenge (short-term or chronic) or challenges with emotional-related concerns that you know are hindering your ability to get from where you are now to where you want to be. Health and wellness challenges negatively impact our ability to show up for the game of life and remain consistent in being present. There are proven, natural ways to become stronger in health and wellness that lead to thriving in Living Life On Purpose.


Small Group Series Coaching

When you’d like to experience professional coaching with like-minded people or with your workplace team, this might be the perfect setting for you. The small group coaching focuses on sharpening your knowledge, skill sets, and mindset through a combination of new information and discovery exercises. There are five one-hour sessions in each coaching series with pre-determined topics designed to move you forward on your pathway to greater successes. The topics can be customized for workplace teams. We meet via video conferencing or phone dial in to the conference, which makes this coaching experience very convenient. Consider a small group coaching series for your professional development this year!


Core Thinking Blueprint Coaching

When you know or sense that something is holding you back from soaring to your next level of purpose, accomplishment, or success – a personal journey through the core way you think and perceive life could be just the Aha breakthrough you need to BREAK THROUGH a lifetime of patterns! This specialized, proprietary weekly coaching program (one hour per week for 12 weeks) digs deep to powerfully address the process of breaking down patterns in order to build-up positive and life changing thoughts, perceptions, and action. Core Thinking Blueprint is an experience – and I believe it will Rock Your World!

Are you ready to get started?

Complimentary Coaching Session

Devaney offers a complimentary, thirty-minute coaching session. During this session, she delivers an actual coaching experience, plus value-added content. You’ll also learn details about the coaching programs available.

When you know you need help in an area of your life, especially in breaking through: make a decision to take action now.

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