Comfort Zones and the Failing Familiar Places are Dream Killers
Published September 24, 2019 by Devaney Rae

Doing things scared and chasing adventures are just a few of the ways we make our dreams come to life.

It’s kind of like heading out on our first overseas trip. It’s exhilarating getting ready for the adventures and experiences. But at the same time, it is a little scary during the packing and preparing time. Not scary like shaking in our shoes; rather, scary like not knowing all that we don’t know about what to expect. Right?

Isn’t it kind of like that when we begin chasing adventures and pursuing our life purpose? But, it’s so worth it!

It’s worth it because bringing dreams to life usually lands us right in the big, fat middle of our Life Purposes!

At the same time, there are usually simultaneous feelings of being scared and feeling excitement. It’s okay. Such is real life for most people who will be honest about it all!

Getting from Here to There

But how do we get there (to living our dreams) from where we are now? Yes, I know! I’ve asked this question more than once in my lifetime!

I’ve lived through seasons of very little and through seasons of plenty. I’ve experienced “having it all” and I’ve experienced “losing it all.” So, I know how to begin again; how to rebuild; how to take that first step to needed life changes.

This is what I have learned about both places: it is never too late or too difficult or too scary to BEGIN AGAIN in chasing dreams.

I know. It’s tough to know where to begin (again) in chasing purpose. Yes, it can be overwhelming to think of ALL that must be done to get there.

But this we know: if we do nothing, nothing changes for the better. Oh, yes, it will usually change – but for the worse.

Staying stuck in the failing familiar of old comfort zones is NOT the solution. Ever!

Yes, You Can!

You can do this “change thing!” It all begins with the first step…. and a little beginning plan.

Connect with me today for your complimentary 30-minute chat. You CAN begin Chasing Your Dreams and Living Your Purpose TODAY – even in spite of needing to dig out of your failing familiar places and your old comfort zones.

I believe in you. I believe you can. In fact, I know you can.

Connect with me anytime:

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