Life on Purpose Coaching

One-on-one personalized partnering to effectively find and reach your Life on Purpose now. This program offers support, education, and partnership to facilitate the transition from where you are now to where you want to be in your personal and professional life. Stretch outside of your comfort zone and begin soaring into your future today!


Strategy Planning for Living Your Purpose

This program supports taking the dreams you have in your heart and partnering with you to develop a strategic plan for bringing those dreams to life. This professional service includes guidance in business planning, support in aligning your life demands with launching your dream, and individual Leadership coaching to support you as you lead the way into Living Your Purpose Now. See your dream soar into Life and Purpose Now!


Addressing Financial Resources for Your Life on Purpose

There are a variety of ways to establish multiple streams of income for building financial abundance. Devaney has utilized her professional training, knowledge, and experience in Organizational and Performance Management to identify several companies whose product, service and company structure offer solid opportunities for establishing residual income. Learn abundance-building opportunities to take you above and beyond where you are now through Devaney Rae’s program, Your Life on Purpose.


Focusing on Self-Care for Your Physical Well-Being

Devaney battled terminal ovarian cancer for 7 years, and while it did not change who she is, it absolutely changed how she is! So much of how you are is impacted by your physical well-being. Devaney has gathered several valuable tools and resources for supporting self-care and creating physical well-being in natural, holistic ways. Take your physical well-being to the next level of living with energetic purpose and improved quality of life.

Career Track Development: In Partnership with HR Directors

Devaney has a passion to connect with Human Resource Directors and decision makers to partner in managing the Career Path Development for key employees. There are so many intense demands upon human resource professionals. With years of human resource and training experience, Devaney has developed a unique, high-performance program that combines training and coaching. This program allows human resource directors to focus their attention and time on in-house demands while receiving all documentation and reporting from the certified coaches who are delivering one-on-one career path development for these valued employees.

Are you ready to get started?

Here’s How:

Devaney Rae Jones, Certified Sales & Leadership Coach, offers one-on-one Life Coaching aimed at partnering with individuals who know they are MADE FOR MORE, especially in reaching the outcomes in life they really want to achieve!

Devaney offers a complimentary thirty-minute coaching session. During this session, she delivers an actual coaching experience plus value-added content. You’ll also learn details about the coaching program offerings.