Custom Training & Development Programs

When I was working in Healthcare Administration for over 20 years, I was often frustrated by the lack of common sense in business decisions that negatively impacted employee performance. These impacts were often negative toward outcomes with customer service and/ or sales goals.

All of this is often related to not having the correct training programs; programs that need to be customized for the business needs and outcomes.

My experiences in healthcare administration were the beginning of how and why I “see” how to partner with others to maximize the power of information, tools, processes, and systems for best practices and performance outcomes.

Training is NOT telling; it is partnering together to understand the business outcome needs and then, using the wisdom of Adult Learning Theory to design and develop the correct formats, approaches, and delivery mode for the employee learning experiences.

Correct learning experiences work together to lead to correct human performance!


HR Risk Management & Recruiting-to-Hiring Services

The HR department in many companies includes super-efficient people who are accomplishing so much within a deficient structure riddled with poor processes – and most don’t even realize why day-to-day functioning is so difficult and stress-filled.

I work with decision makers and team members within companies to streamline and/ or develop the correct HR-related processes, especially the Recruiting-to-Hiring process. This effort works together to stop the madness and to gain more consistent, right outcomes for performance and business management.

Altogether with the Recruiting-to-Hiring effort, there is often a great gap in truly having a risk management mindset and daily approach to all the things HR related. I’ve enjoyed great success with positive outcomes for a company by simply helping to establish common sense HR risk management policies and approaches.

We can work together to lessen the HR madhouse of daily work life – when we get the processes and approaches correct for your company. There’s truly no time like the present to get started.


Organizational & Performance Management Services

I partner with leaders, owners, decision makers, and team members within companies to solve challenges that are happening within the day-to-day business operations.

Some of the challenges might be ‘good challenges’, like catching up with growth in getting the right people in the right positions, or even identifying the right needed positions to manage the growth. Some challenges might be cogs in the wheel of how we do what we do day-to-day.

A lot of what I get to do is along the lines of business development and management, sales performance improvements, leadership outcomes, and helping to train leaders to lead effectively. Altogether, we partner together to collaborate in conquering challenges while having a lot of fun along the way.


Policy, Procedure & Process Improvement or Development Services

How we do all that we do is really connected to the correct Policy, Procedure & Processes within a company. I like to call it, “PP&P Challenges” because that is truly what it is in the real world.

So often, this is the root cause of ongoing operational and organizational challenges. Yet, many decision makers try to throw training processes at PP&P root challenges. I get it as a professional trainer.

But I also act as an Org & Performance Management professional. So often, the root is not a training need; it is a PP&P need. When we dig up that root, the training approach can be beautifully effective.

Let’s dig at your company’s root causes together – and really solve the challenges. It can be